How Indoor Gardening Can Save You Money

I was hooked on fresh fruits and veggies from our garden from an early age. Once you have tasted the superior flavour of freshly grown, organic food, it's really hard to go back to grocery store food that has been shipped from thousands of kilometers away and lacks the crispness and fresh nutrient rich vitamins our bodies need. 

We sometimes were short on food growing up, so growing a garden was a necessity. For better flavour and nutrients a gardener may spend several hundred dollars on compost, soil, and fertilizers each season. Back then we just removed the grass and sewed seeds because that's all we had and it was still far better then anything that could be bought! 

Post Fall Harvest Depression

Fall is a wonderful time for harvesting so much of your summer crop and the effort pays off, but there is nothing worse, for me, then having to go back to the grocery store to buy rotting, overripe, or under ripe, fruits and vegetables from far off places. Not only do they lack the flavour of my garden fresh produce, we are always left wondering about pesticides and safety, such as the numerous e.Coli outbreaks and recalls. 

How a VerdeGarden Works

Once you have followed the easy to follow wall mounting template, or placed your VerdeGarden on its stand, there's not much more to do.  

1. Self-watering recirculating system

The self-watering garden sends nutrient water from the reservoir to your plant's roots and cascades back to the reservoir creating a recirculating system. Once you have added 4 liters of water to your reservoir you can plug your VerdeGarden in and set the water settings with your phone. 

self watering indoor vertical garden by Green Thumb Technology

2. LED Grow Light

Once you have plugged in your VerdeGarden you will also set the LED grow light schedule from your phone. The energy efficient grow system uses $0.03 per day for the Nibble and $0.06 per day for the larger Graze. 

VerdeGarden self-watering vertical system and LED grow light to grow food


 Reusable net pots

Reusable net pots hold your plants and allow the nutrient water to flow through the roots. Wash in hot water and reuse for your next harvest. 

grow herbs at home VerdeNibble VerdeGraze








3. Place your seeds in the coco coir seed sprouters

The Nibble and Graze indoor gardens come with organic and heirloom seeds specifically slected for growing indoors in our system




How to grow basil and other herbs with an indoor garden Green Thumb Technology



How you can save money and eat better food with an indoor garden

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