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Vertical Indoor Wall Garden Grows Food Inside Your Home

Urban Living, Country Fresh

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Indoor Wall Garden Kit Grows Fresh Herbs and Vegetables

The 0 - Mile Diet

Nutrient Rich

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Lettuce Help You Grow Year-Round

Let your creative juices flow.

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Experience 100% nutrients.

Food that works for you.

"As a student of holistic nutrition, I believe in wholesome, nutritious food and with the VeggieWall you can achieve that. Plus it's important lesson for my children.” -Crystal (Nutritionalist, Mother)

Use our organic & heirloom seeds, our your own.

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Seeds Sprout Directly in the VeggieWall

Clean. light-weight. soilless

Find out what you can grow year-round.

No time? No Space? No Know-how? No Problem!

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Why we need to grow food

Canadian Made Indoor Garden

The details are important to us, meticulously designed and made with quality craftsmanship and eco-friendly materials.  Proudly made in Canada. 

Our company is growing and located throughout Vancouver, Squamish, and Powell River BC.