Cleaning your verdeGarden

Cleaning helps prevent disease in plants and keeps pests away. At the end of every harvest cycle (approximately 8-12 weeks) ensure to run a 1-2 week fresh water onlycycle  (no nutrients) to eliminate build up. 

After each plant is harvested you will want to clean your net pot and grow medium. Here's how to do it:

Used Coco Coir Pucks

Do not re-use coco coir pucks. The roots and coco coir puck can be composted, or you may choose to add the coco coir to your outdoor plants for a bit of extra mulch. Coir is very good at retaining water and balancing pH. 

Cleaning the Net Pot(s)

Use warm soapy water and a scrub brush to remove all roots and other plants debris. Dish soap or other mild detergent is recommended. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the pot before placing back in your indoor garden to ensure no soap gets into the system. 

Cleaning your indoor hydroponic garden net pots

Cleaning the grow medium

We use two kinds of grow medium, recycled glass (discontinued) and clay pellets. Both can be used over and over again as long as they are cleaned prior to sowing new seeds. After harvest, rinse the grow medium in hot water, rubbing together to create a scrubbing action. Do NOT use any soap or detergents. Remove all leaves and plant roots. A colander can be useful for sifting through the unwanted debris. Give a final rinse and it is ready to use again. 

Cleaning your verdeGarden

Every 3-4 monthsyou should clean your verdeGarden. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Turn the pump and light and unplug from the wall socket. 

2. Remove all plants you want to keep and place in clean tupperware with enough water to keep roots moist. Large plans such as tomato, can be laid on their side so they do not tip over. It is recommended not to clean during blossom or fruiting as you may damage the blossoms or knock off fruit. If the roots are long or sticking to the inside of the garden gently pull away. It is ok to trim the roots a few inches from the bottom if they are very long.

3. Unclip the light from the gooseneck and unplug it. Place the light bar somewhere safe. The clips can be stiff, I find a dull hard edge such as a butter knife handy to release the clips. 

4. Remove the cord from the side of the garden.

5. Now with everything disconnected you can lift the verdeGarden off the wall bracket. A towel is handy to capture the pump to avoid water drops on the floor. Take the garden to a clean and clear sink.

6. Remove all additional roots and compost. Use warm soap water to clean the inside. Dish soap or a mild detergent is recommended, no harsh chemicals or bleach. Take care to handle the gooseneck and always have a hand at the base if needing to adjust it. A flexible scrub brush can be handy and you can move it between each pot hole to access hard to reach spots. 

7. Repeat step 6 with the reservoir.

8. Rinse both the garden and reservoir thoroughly to ensure no left over soap residue. Towel off or air dry, and reverse steps to set the light, pump and cords back up. 

Click on one of the videos below if you would like a refresher for setting up the verdeNibble and verdeGraze: