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Accessing Fresh Food Year-Round

Life has it's challenges 

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helping you grow food year-round indoors, VerdeGardens





Fresh = Nutrients

Greens can loose 50-90% of their nutrients within 24-48 hours after harvest. The brown slime on greens is a sign of nutrient loss.

Helping you grow food indoors year-round, VerdeGarden

The average North American meal travels 1500 miles, leaving us with nutrient deficient foods. 



Grow with a VerdeGarden

The numbers

Helping you grow food indoors with the VerdeGarden


How We Started


Founder - Jen McGuinness

I grew up in a food insecure home. Our single mom worked incredibly hard, but sometimes there was no food. We made biscuits out of flour and water to tie us over. Fortunately we often had a vegetable garden. I have many good memories of growing vegetables, dusting the dirt off a freshly picked carrot, and eating it right there in the garden! 

As a young adult, I began to grow food again, but I was living in a townhouse with a shady location. We had a container garden on our balcony, which received a few hours of sun a day. One day I went to sit down, but couldn't because we had so many pots on the deck. I started researching vertical gardening and came across hydroponic living walls. These living walls were beautiful, BUT I asked myself, "Why not grow food instead of ornamental plants?" This was my light bulb moment.

After researching hydroponic greenhouses and learning that even NASA was growing food in space with hydroponics, I began to experiment with growing food indoors. And that was the beginning of designing the VerdeGarden. 


Beautify your Living Space while growing food

Counter-top space is sacred, always in short supply and I hate clutter, so if I was going to design an Indoor Garden it had to be vertical. Here is one of our early prototypes, tested by early adopters in 2015.

Indoor vertical garden prototype


Refinements to the VerdeGraze came following feedback from our early adopters, meanwhile Jen moved from her townhouse with the shady balcony to an apartment with no balcony, highlighting her need for an indoor garden. 

The refined VerdeGraze in Jen's new apartment.  


Indoor vertical garden in apartment


VerdeGardens, Making Food Healthy Again 

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