How do we stack up against the competition?

When we began researching and sketching ideas there were four indoor gardens on the mainstream market, and new concepts coming out regularly. Throughout the process of creating the VeggieWall, Matt and I have watched many more indoor gardens get developed. Each time I searched the internet for new indoor gardens, I took a sigh of relief that each new product was another counter-top garden or another large cabinet-sized garden, using pre-existing hydroponic systems. Clearly there is a demand for indoor gardens, but who has the counter or floor space? It was important to us to have a indoor garden that added to the ambiance of your home, so we invented a new hydroponic system. 

The VerdeNibble

We invented the Vertical Nutrient Cascade Technology

  • Vertical. 24 plants in 2.5 square feet.
  • Easy to use and gives you success with growing food even if you do not have the know-how. Our technology is your green thumb.
  • Fits seamlessly in your living space. Stylish, slim, and artistic.
  • Modular
  • Automated LED lights for growing plants year-round.
  • Automated self-watering pump
  • Wifi micro-controller connects to your smart device for growing tips. 





Thank you for reading.

-Jen & Matt

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