Seed Coconut Pucks - Refill 24 Pack


Restock with 24 Coconut pucks - required for spouting your seeds in the VeggieWall. 

Each part of the VeggieWall is selected with your health and the planets' in mind. 

These little coconut sponges expand in warm water. Plant your organic and heirloom seeds in them and the VeggieWall will take of the rest. Watch the video below to see how easy it is. Our technology is your Green Thumb! 

Why Coconut?

The husks are a waste product left over after harvesting the coconut. Rather than ending up in landfills, it's perfect for gardening and growing plants in the VeggieWall. Biodegradable, natural and safe. After harvesting a plant in the VeggieWall, a coconut puck can be added to your outdoor garden (good mulch), or simply put in your compost. 

Other Hydroponic gardens use Rockwool or Peat Moss. Rockwool is made by heating rock and sand at very high temperatures. It does not breakdown after use, can be hazardous to your health if you breath in the dust, and is takes some expertise to maintain the correct pH. 

Peat holds 1/3 of the world's soil carbon, when it is mined, carbon is released into the atmosphere. It takes centuries for a peat ecosystem to grow, growing at 1/16 of an inch/year. Peat is the best vegetative carbon sink we have on the planet, so let's keep it that way! 

Coconut husks accomplish the same objectives as Peat and Rockwool, holding water, while allowing for the optimal mix of oxygen within the plant's roots. We've had better success growing with coconut than any other medium, and we feel really good about using a waste product that is safe for you and the planet. 


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