The New 12 Plant VeggieWall


Pre-order your VeggieWall Now and SAVE. Delivery 2017. 

Discover Your Love for Indoor Gardening

A vertical garden that fits seamlessly in your home and lifestyle

"We are making pesto weekly and eating spinach daily from ours. The peppers take longer to ripen but are soooo tasty when they do." -Christina 

Easy to Use

You'll love having the best food at your fingertips

  • Our technology is your green thumb. An automated pump cascades organic nutrients to your plants with our patent pending technology.

  • Proven to grow the most food in the smallest space

Save money on groceries and eat the healthiest food 


"Literally getting this much basil and a pepper daily right now!" -Dave

The VeggieWall 100% Nutrients, Year-Round. 

The average North American meal travels over 1500 miles. The brown you see on greens and herbs, means they are loosing nutrients, up to 50-90% in as little as 48 hours after being picked!

Two Sizes and Colours to Choose From

Select Black in 12 or 24 plant sizes 

Select White in 12 or 24 plant sizes

Match the VeggieWall to your interior for only $25

  4 faux wood finishes to choose from


Plant Seeds and Insert Directly into the VeggieWall to Sprout

Instructions for New Seeds: Rinse glass and net pots (yes, both are reusable!). Expand coconut puck in warm water, add seeds. Place the coconut puck in the pot and surround with the recycled glass stone. Place place in the VeggieWall, it will do the rest! 



Everything you need to set-up and start growing right away:

  • VeggieWall and reservoir (select 12 or 24 plant size and black or white)
  • Herbs and Leafy Greens Organic, Heirloom Seeds Mix
  • LED grow light (Total electricity per day $0.04 *BC Hydro rates)
  • Pump (cascades organic nutrients to your plants)
  • Pots, recycled glass, coconut pucks (for seeds to sprout in)
  • Wall mount, hardware, wall template with mounting instructions
  • Match the VeggieWall to your interior with a Faux Wood Finish for only $25


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