72 Pod Growing Kit
72 Pod Growing Kit
72 Pod Growing Kit

72 Pod Growing Kit

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Leading edge new vertical hydroponic technology. 

Simple: Standard plumbing and irrigation. Takes less then 30 min to set-up and start growing. 

Low Material Costs: The world's first vertical system that does not need drippers or sprayers, filters, valves, and pressure regulators. Clog-proof Vertical Cascade Technology. 

Productive: Grow 4.5 plants per square foot, or 72 plants in 16 square feet. 

Low Labour Requirements: Our Vertical Cascade Technology, takes out the need for constant monitoring and maintenance of micro-irrigation. The system is so simple to set-up and operate you don't need to hire an expert to grow food. 

Designed to reduce operational costs while growing more plants per square foot. 

Tested on Hydroponic and Aquaponic Systems

72 Pod Growing Kit:

  • 12 - 6 Pod Vertical Cascade Towers (Dimensions: 46.5" H x 48" W x 7" D)
  • 72 - 3" Net Pots (1" pots, or custom fittings available upon request) 
  • Mounting brackets (can be mounted to wall or growing cart)
  • Get Started Set-up and Growing Guide (downloaded)