24 Plant VeggieWall


Pre-order your VeggieWall now. Delivery 2017. 

Looks and Feels Better - A vertical indoor garden that fits seamlessly into your living space and lifestyle

Nourish yourself and your family with fresh greens, veggies, and herbs year-round in the comfort of your home

Easy to Use, Space Saving, Convenient, Modular

  • Our technology is your green thumb. An automated pump cascades organic nutrients to your plants with our patent pending technology.
  • Grow the most food in the smallest space
  • Organic & heirloom seeds. Grow 2-3 weeks faster than outdoors.
  • Stack the VeggieWall higher and wider

A Sustainable Way To Feed Ourselves That Is Healthy For Us And The Planet 

  • The 0-Mile Diet (the avg NA diet travels over 1500 miles)
  • Automated LED grow light, $0.04/day.
  • Organic Nutrient water recirculates from the plants back to the reservoir, using 67% less water than traditional agriculture. 
  • Plants grow in recycled glass instead of soil
  • Seeds sproat in coconut husks (a waste product)
  • The Black VeggieWall is made with 70% recycled plastic

Plant Seeds and Insert Directly into the VeggieWall to Sprout

Rinse glass & pots to reuse. Expand coconut puck in warm water, add seeds. Place in pot with glass and place in the VeggieWall. 


Everything you need to set-up and start growing right away:

  • 2- 12 Plant VeggieWall and reservoir (stack one on top of the other for 24 plants)
  • Herbs & Leafy Greens Organic & Heirloom Seeds
  • 2 LED grow lights
  • Pump (cascades organic nutrients to your plants)
  • Pots, recycled glass, cocunut pucks (for seeds to sorout in)
  • Wall mount, hardware, wall tempalte with mounting instructions


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