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Green Thumb Technology meet our team

 Jen - Founder & CEO


Jen is the green thumb of Green Thumb Technology. While researching how to make her patio garden vertical, she came across living walls (hydroponic, vertical gardens growing house plants). Inspired by how beautiful they are, she began to research food grown in greenhouses, hydroponically. She contacted Matt and the two began sketching and prototyping in their backyards. The ultimate goal was to develop a vertical system that did not clog. After a lot of bootstrapping, Jen arranged with the National Research Council of Canada for an IRAP grant to create the mold for manufacturing. Under Jen's leadership the team has an MVP that has been tested thoroughly and raised $90,000 in pre-seed capital. The rest is history!


Matt Co-Founder

Matt has many talents: a musician who has produced his own records and recording studio, to video, photography, and custom home renovations. Working with his wife, who is an architect, the two of them have helped take Green Thumb Technology from idea, to design, to product. Matt uses his talents to build prototypes on a shoestring, and is always inventing new products, because it's in his DNA. 

Ashling - Co-Founder, Sales

Green Thumb Technology Our Team

Ashling’s enthusiastic love for vegetables started with Papa’s garden at the summer cottage. Nothing like fresh Peas please! Her love for nature continued in her studies. While Ashling has a long list of accolades including:

  • Sales with Sustainable Clothing company - 3 years of Managing the studio and rocking the trade shows, organization, sales and customer service is her natural way.
  • Volunteer at Squamish Elementary and Helping Hands
  • Graduated Flemming College Ecosystem Technician

All you really need to know about this sales diva: she won the Social Butterfly Award at her high school prom. When you meet her, you will know why!

Frank - Advisor 

Frank Lefellaar advisor Green thumb technology

Frank Leffelaar is an advisor and angel investor to businesses in food and agriculture technology. He provides strategy and marketing services with his team at Crush Marketing. Frank is also the lead investor for food and ag deals at E-Fund VCC, and an active member of the VANTEC Angel Network. Prior to starting Crush, Frank held senior international marketing positions with Technology companies in Canada and Europe. Frank relocated to Vancouver, Canada from the Netherlands in 1998.