Our Team

Empowering Others to Grow Food


Jen & Matt have been friends for 20 years. They founded Green Thumb Technology together in 2015. If you would like to learn more about our story you can checkout our Kickstarter video from 2016:


Jen Co-Founder


Jen is the green thumb of Green Thumb Technology. While researching how to make her patio garden vertical, she came across living walls (hydroponic, vertical gardens using house plants). It has been her dream to own a business that contributes to healthier people & planet, and Green Thumb Technology is the perfect fit! Having grown up in a single-parent household with her brother, she knows first hand how difficult it can be to put healthy options on the table. Jen has also had family members pass away from cancer, and believes that eating food you grow yourself is beneficial for our health. The fresher the food, the more we benefit from its rich nutrients. Plants start to lose their nutrient value once picked.

Growing our own food helps reduce our impact on the planet. Growing with the VeggieWall decreases the need to ship food, and therefore can decrease greenhouse gases associated with shipping. The VeggieWall uses 2/3rd less water over conventional agriculture. The drought in California is a great example that we cannot sustain to feeding the world population with current farming practices. It is time for change! Jen hopes Green Thumb Technology will inspire more people to grow their own food, so we can also reduce the use of pesticides. The more we grow, the greater our impact!

Inspired, Jen started to research greenhouses that grow food with hydroponics. She contacted Matt and the two began sketching & prototyping. The rest is history!


Matt Co-Founder

Matt has many talents: a musician who has produced his own records and recording studio, to video, photography, and custom home renovations. He's also a great cook, a foodie, and husband. Matt loves to use fresh herbs, and although he has never grown food before, he found it easy with the VeggieWall in his basement suite. Rather than spending money on expensive herbs that go to waste before he can use them, now he can pick fresh herbs to add to his dishes as he needs them! Matt uses his talents in art and construction to build many prototypes and is always inventing new products. 

New Team member - announcement coming soon.

We are so excited to have her join the Green Thumb Family!




Green Thumb Technology has been fortunate to have formed partnerships with Misty West Design and Engineering, The National Research Council of Canada, and Emily Carr University. Thanks to Misty West Design and Engineering Services for your expertise in manufacturing, design, and electronic engineering. Thank you to the National Research Council of Canada and Emily Carr University for your help in taking our design to manufacturing.