Our Vision

Bring inspiration and empowerment to people to grow their own food.
We believe everyone has a right to healthy, affordable food without causing undue harm to the planet, so we are putting growing food back in the hands of everyday people.  

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 Our Mission

We aim to help people live better by creating innovative indoor gardening products that feed our families with ease and reduce our collective burden on the planet. 


Children harvest from indoor vertical garden

 The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

What does brown on your greens mean? It means they are loosing essential vitamins and nutrients. Greens can loose 50-90% of their nutrients within less than 48 hours from harvest. Why does fresh produce taste so much better? It's because it's packed with nutrients!  

Indoor vertical garden benefits

Don't waste your money on groceries that are wasting away. Nurture yourself and your family with fresh, nutrient-rich food year-round. The VerdeGarden is the food solution for busy households. 

 Indoor vertical garden VerdeNibble and VerdeGraze

How We Started

At the time, founder, Jen was living in a townhouse in a very shady location. Our balcony received about 4 hours of sunlight and it was full of containers of veggies. There was no room to sit down! Jen started researching vertical gardening and came across hydroponic living walls. She asked herself, why not grow food instead of ornamental plats this way? And that was the beginning of designing the VerdeGarden.

 One of our early prototypes bought and tested by early adopters in 2015:

Indoor vertical garden prototype

Founder - Jen McGuinness


Refinements to the VerdeGraze came following feedback from our early adopters. Jen moved from her townhouse with shady balcony to an apartment with no balcony, reinforcing the need for an indoor garden. 

Planting the VerdeGraze in the new apartment. Seeds planted (Before):

Indoor vertical garden, grow year-round


And After:


Indoor garden apartment

Are you ready to expand your taste-bud-horizons with organic and heirloom veggies not available in grocery stores? 



Indoor vertical garden in apartment


VerdeGardens,  Making Food Healthy Again 

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