What are the benefits of the VeggieWall?

indoor garden VeggieWallEasy to Use.

Saves You Money.

What can I grow and how much can I save with the VeggieWall indoor garden?

Eat Better, Feel Better, Live Better.

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#1 Self Watering. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

We wanted to make growing food easy as possible, and less time consuming, so all you need to do is plug it in! Our patent pending design delivers organic nutrients and water to your plants. A small computer takes care of your plants needs and is equipped with Bluetooth so you can connect to our free App for 100% growing support. 

indoor garden

"I like the fact that I can have veggies or herbs all year round just by walking across the kitchen. I fall short in never fertilizing my plants, so I really like the fact that you supplied me with organic nutrient water and your system basically feeds itself." -Peg (Retired Landscaper, Nordic walker).  

#2 Specialized Horticulture LED Lights

Automated, energy-smart specialized LED's provide full spectrum light for growing fresh food year-round. Easy on the eyes, it just feels like the sun is filtering in through your window. Live in an apartment, cold climate, limited sunlight, busy schedule, watering restrictions, want to grow fresh food in the winter? The VeggieWall's got you covered! 

indoor garden kit urban garden grow food indoors hydroponics

#3 Soilless -Clean, light weight, reusable. 

Plants receive organic nutrients from the water, instead of soil. Seeds sprout in coconut coir (compostable husks), and the pots are filled with recycled glass (reusable) to provide ideal growing conditions. 











grow food indoors. VeggieWall vertical indoor garden 

#4 Saves You Money

Eat the best food, and save money? Yes, it's possible when you grow your own food! Organic nutrients, no pesticides, fresh food at your finger tips. The VeggieWall grows more food than any other indoor garden, with an average savings of $500 to $1,000/ year on groceries for the 12 and 24 Plant Veggiewalls respectively. What's not to love?!

With no expensive seed cartridges costing you $100's per year, the VeggieWall truly is an indoor garden that saves you money, while you get to eat the best and freshest food.

Annual expenditures for the VeggieWall: 

$30-$60 Organic Nutrients
$5-$40 Seeds (your own or our organic and heirloom seed packages)
$13.99-$27.98 Coconut Seed Puck Refills
$0 Re-use your recycled glass (included with all VeggieWall orders)
$0 Re-use your net pots (included  with your order)

grow food indoors urban indoor garden kit. Hydroponic vertical garden

"The VeggieWall is convenient for townhouse living where we don't have gardening space in the backyard. Convenience, cost savings, and also being able to have our girls growing up knowing how food grows is pretty cool too." -Kyle (Father, health practitioner, trail runner)


#5 Space Saving - Vertical & Modular

The VeggieWall grows the most food in the smallest space! Unlike indoor gardens that take up counter or floor space, the VeggieWall is a living breathing, edible work of art.

indoor vertical garden. Urban garden. Grow food indoors. Hydroponic indoor garden              indoor vertical garden. Urban garden. Grow food indoors. Hydroponic indoor garden


"We live in a townhouse. I love having my food on the VeggieWall, right next to my kitchen." -Jennie (Mother, vegetarian, mountain biker, skier) 

#6 Organic & Heirloom Seeds

We want to empower you to grow food, not control it! So you can use our organic and heirloom seed kits, or your own.

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When You Open the Box...

Everything is included to get you growing right away!

indoor garden what is in the box. Easy set-up and everything to get you growing right away.

Backed by:

The National Research Council of Canada, for New and Innovative Products, Misty West Engineering, and Emily Carr Design University.