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Jen - "I grew up in a single parent home. Some days we had no food and my mom would make biscuits out of flour & water to get by. My dad passed away from cancer in his 50's. We know pesticides are toxic, so it's important to eat organic. We know it is as important to eat local, because plants lose up to 89% of their nutrients within 24-48 hours of being picked. The cost of organic & local is prohibitive for many families.

We are challenged on every front, with cost of food rising, climate change, population increase & urban density, water shortages and short growing seasons." 

Matt recalls his parents struggling to get by too, so when Jen called him up and shared her vision for the VeggieWall: an indoor, fully automated self-watering, soil-less garden, so people can grow their own food year-round, he was all ears! We set to it, designing, prototyping, convincing the National Research Council of Canada that we had a new and innovative product, and receiving a grant from them to design the world's 1st VeggieWall!

Our Mission:

Green Thumb Technology has re-designed the way we live because we believe everyone should have access to organic fruits & veggies - locally & year-round. We have designed an innovative solution, so you can grow food in your home, office, school, or restaurant, and pick fresh food every day!

We believe in creating solutions for the environment and society.

We Want to Empower You

Food Systems in the Hands of the People!

Green Thumb Technology is about providing food systems so people can feed themselves and have control over their food. No more chemicals, greenhouse gases, food shipped from across the globe, GMO's, and food security issues! Our food systems empower individuals, families, and communities to feed themselves. 

Eat Locally, Made Locally

Green Thumb Technology is manufactured in Vancouver BC. We are concerned about climate change. Our VeggieWall uses 2/3 less water, and minimizes the amount of food that needs to be shipped internationally. The more local organic food we eat, the better it is for the planet!


Do you know someone who is struggling to provide food for themselves, their household, or community?

We Donate Veggie-Walls 

Buying a Veggie-Wall means you are buying into a community that brings food to those that cannot access it!!

We are serious about empowering all people to be able to grow their own food! So we are donating Veggie-Walls to schools, charity groups, families, and communities that do not have access to local-organic food. We have already started by donating our working prototypes to local schools! Our goal is to provide food systems for diverse cultures and geographic regions, regardless of their economic position. 

Join us! Grow food and community with us! 

-Jen & Matt

We Are All About the Lifestyle!

Healthy Living, Happy People!!!