VCT 24 Plant Sample

VCT 24 Plant Sample

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New Clog-Free vertical hydroponic technology. 

Learn how great it is to grow with Vertical Cascade Technology is with this sample kit. 

vertical hydroponic growing system Low Material Costs: Cut down on materials: no micro-irrigation, and all the valves and complex set-up that go along with it. VCT is a fast and simple set-up using simple plumbing and irrigation. 

vertical hydroponic growing system Productive: Grow 4.8 plants per square foot, or 216 plants in 45 square feet.  

vertical hydroponic growing system Low Labour Requirements: Would you like to spend more time caring for plants and working on the business, and less time accessing plants (i.e. scissor lifts), and less time monitoring and maintaining the system (i.e. drip emitters)? VCT was designed to focus on plant health and growth, ease of harvesting, and reduce operational costs.  

Works with Hydroponic and Aquaponic Systems

  • Dimensions:  2' L x 2.5' H x 7" W 
  • 24 - 3" Net Pots (1" pots, or custom fittings available upon request) 
  • Mounting brackets (can be mounted to wall or growing cart)
  • Get Started Set-up and Growing Guide (download) 

Questions? Contact us and lettuce help you get growing!