This is Why the VeggieWall is Important and Will Have a Lasting Impact on the World:

Today, I responed to a message on facebook and I want to share it with you. This is why we are so passionate about the VeggieWall:

LOVE all your questions! Fabulous. Thank you! The plastic we use is the same plastic used in current household plumbing. Yes, some plastics leach, we are super concerned about health and environment so we spent 3 years doing our research. Growing food is so close to our heart. My dad and uncle both passed away from cancer. I believe in people having the choice to eat the healthiest food and knowing what is in it. 

Standard Seeds - Heirloom & Organic

The seeds are gmo free, organic and heirloom varieties... BUT because we want to empower people to grow their own food, we steered away from expensive "seed cartridges" and made it so customers can use ours or buy their own.

We Made The VeggieWall with Recycled & Waste Products

The black VeggieWall is made with 70% recycled plastic. The seeds sprout in coconut pucks, a waste product, instead of rockwool-yuck! Or peat moss. My understanding is we are depleting the bogs of peat, an essential material for that environment, so we steered clear from it. The plant pots are filled with recycled glass, rather than the standard clay, because why take more, when something already exists? Right?

Organic Nutrients So We Don't Lose Out On Taste Or Nutrition

RE hydroponics not tasting as good, it is possible, but that depends on the nutrients you use. We use the ONLY ORGANIC nutrients, not chemically synthesized fertilizers! And the taste is as good as when I had an outdoor organic garden. Much of our produce here in BC is grown hydroponically (you know, those cherry tomatoes in the plastic containers?) Our prototype owners are all about environmentally friendly lifestyles and health: vegetarians, nurses, biologists, vegans, physiotherapists, parents, gardeners, and very athletic outdoor, down to earth people. They helped us get it right and have been testing our prototypes since March of 2014.

Empowering People To Grow Their Own Food is our Mission

The goal of Green Thumb Technology is to empower people to grow food. It is for people that either do not have the time, know-how, or space. I live in a 500 sq foot apartment with no patio or outdoor space, Matt lives in a basement suite. We also live in dark, cold Canada (haha, this message was to a woman in sunny California) with a short growing season. It is also great for areas with water restrictions, as the recirculating water, uses 2/3rds less water than an outdoor garden. I could go on, as I am SO passionate about this and putting food back in the hands of the people... Feel free to contact me: Again, thank you so much for your comments and interest. Sincerely, Jen Jen McGuinnessand Matthew Mei"

We need your help to make our dream come true and launch the VeggieWall. Please support our cause on Kickstarter:


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