How a Pre-order Can Shape the Future and Benefits You, Community, and Social Enterprise.

Tesla might be the most famous company to employ the pre-order of a product that is changing the course of history. Have you ever wondered why so many new businesses employ the Pre-sale? Not only can it benefit you and the new business, you can also have an influence on the future you want to see. Here’s how:

Creating the Community We All Want to Live In

It is more important than ever that we support social enterprises that put people, communities, the environment and future sustainability at the forefront.  

  • Everyone should have access to fresh, organic food at an affordable price. The purchase of a VeggieWall helps us as we work towards that goal. 
  • No pesticides. Better for you, our water, bees, birds and planet.
  • Surprisingly agriculture is one of the largest contributing factors of climate change. Growing your own food can reduce your carbon footprint. 

Grow food to reduce your greenhouse gas footprint and climate change
    source: EPA
    • Fresh veggies are packed with nutrients. Growing food is the number one thing you can do for better health. Eat Better, Feel Better, Live Better. And if we all feel better as a community, just imagine what we can accomplish! 

    You - the Customer

    • Save $. Pre-order sales are 40% below retail, saving you up to $500 on the White 24 Plant VeggieWall, our hottest selling item. Shipping begins in June of 2018 and will be completed by September of 2018. 
    •  Pre-ordering ensures that you will get the VeggieWall before it sells out.
    • You get the VeggieWall before it is released to the public. 
    • It's fun to be part of something new and innovative. Fun, bragging rights, creativity! Be the first to own a new and innovative product and bring your wall to life. 
    • Save more $$... $500/year or more on your grocery billIndoor vertical garden. Grow food indoors with VeggieWall. Pre-order sales while supplies last.

    The Company - Green Thumb Tech

    • You are supporting a small business and social enterprise. We are two ordinary Canadians, with a passion to empower others to grow food.
    • Pre-orders build our business case to investors to help us grow the business. (i.e people want this, we should make more!)
    • Sales help us pay for pre-production and manufacturing costs

    From Idea to Delivery

      From idea to customer delivery. The Creation of the Veggiewall indoor garden

        Will You Join the VeggieWall Revolution? 

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