Cleaning your verdeGarden

Once or twice a year, remove your verdeGarden from you wall and clean the inside with a flexible scrub brush in the sink. Do NOT use any harsh cleaning solvents. You may use a mild dish soap, or just warm water will suffice. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the light and pump and unplug both from the wall.
  2. Remove any plants and place roots in a container or bowl of water to keep moist. Large plants can lie horizontal.
  3. Un-attach the LED light clips and place the light in a safe location.
  4. Remove the lid.
  5. Remove the verdeGarden from the wall. If you have the verdeGraze you can either take both garden units off at the same time, as they will be attached by the irrigation tube and light cord, or you can remove the cord and pull the irrigation tube apart by pressing down on the rim where the irrigation tube connects.
  6. Using warm water and a flexible scrub brush, clean the inside of the garden. Do NOT use any harsh cleaning solvents. 
  7. Remove any roots and leaves inside.
  8. Clean the pump with just warm water (no soap) and a gentle brush. Remove any roots that may have attached around it. 
  9. Wipe down the irrigation tube.
  10. Remove the reservoir and clean it with warm water and a scrub brush.
  11. Ensure everything is wall rinsed with no soap residue, dry and replace back on the wall.

Video if you need help setting up your verdeNibble or Graze (see below):

Setting up your verdeGraze:

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