Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful, but the Veggies Growing Inside Are Delightful! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Kickstarter Launch Fall, 2016

Happy Holidays from Green Thumb Technology! In this blog you will learn how we deigned the VeggieWall. 

December 17, 2015 - Snowing in Squamish: Lemon Cucumbers Blossoming & Mizuna (mustard green) Flourishing Inside in the VeggieWall

A year ago, last winter, we were growing veggies in our homes with PVC pipe, Martha Stewart wall file-folders, and pretty much anything else we could make: gutters, PVC pond liner, plywood, cardboard, yogurt containers, and buckets. You name it we tried it!

In the spring of 2015 we nailed down our design, hand-made our first VeggieWalls and sold them. Today, with funding from the National Research Council of Canada, we have 5 designers from Emily Carr University working with us to complete our product for commercial manufacturing in 2016! What is the design challenge? Well there are lots, but here are the ones we thought you would find the most interesting:

  • The initial problem was water flow. Go with a pre-existing vertical drip system and endure constant clogging and plants dying. Increase the water flow, and have it spill out. That's why current hydroponic systems are horizontal, and so big and clunky. Neither, of course, was acceptable for us. We worked at it until we figured it out! Now our breakthrough Vertical Nutrient Cascade Technology is the 1st vertical high-flowing system! It's also the 1st modular, wall mounted Vegetable wall, and it has a slim artistic design! 
  • Cost, cost, cost. The more it costs us to make, the more it costs you, our customer. Our goal is to keep the VeggieWall affordable for the average NA household. That is no easy task! Although, we have the design, how we actually manufacture and assemble it can greatly reduce or increase the cost. We have got it figured out!
  • LED Lights - We were quoted $100,000 in consulting fees, which takes us back to cost. With a lot of research and a little patience, we have figured out an affordable LED grow light option too!
  • Sustainable: Our VeggieWall is about 80% Recycled & Waste Products. Ya cool! We make the VeggieWall with recycled plastic, our seeds are in coconut husks (waste product), and the plants grow in recycled glass.

Yesterday we met with an inspiring group of students from Howe Sound Secondary school and shared Green Thumb Technology's vision to change the world for the better! They will be the 2nd school Green Thumb will be donating a VeggieWall to. 

Kickstarter Launch Fall, 2016. Please help us by sharing our story :)

Matt - walking in the snow today. Getting ready to film. Meanwhile, buds on sweet bell peppers are enjoying the VeggieWall and the warmth from the fire.

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