Why is it so important to supplement our diet with food we grow ourselves?

Did you know that Leafy Greens at room temperature lose 50-89% of their Vitamin C within 24-48 hours from harvest? All fruits & vegetables lose their essential nutrients once they have been picked, some more rapidly than others.

Library Books & a VeggieWall - Why Not!? Nourishing Body & Mind. Recent Donation to Mamquam Elementary School

Library Books & A VeggieWallMamquam Elementary School Library Garden

The healthiest, most nutrient rich food you can eat is food from your garden to your plate. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. Antioxidants help prevent cancer, heart disease and arthritis. There is no conclusive evidence that taking vitamin C supplements will help or prevent any of these conditions (University of Maryland, Medical Center). Like many of you, I have had family members pass away from cancer & heart disease, so this is important to our health! 

Our food production systems have gone in the wrong direction. Soil degradation, drought, and toxic chemicals (did you know the US is approved for 82 pesticides that are not approved in Europe?), and deforestation, are all effects of trying to feed 7 billion people with mass agriculture. The average North American meal travels 2,400 Km to reach your dinner plate. Not only does that put a lot of Green Houses Gases in the air, the plant based foods have lost a lot of their value before you even buy them! 

According to the UN we will not be able to feed the world population in 2050 using the growing methods we use today.

California Drought Impacts on Farming

So We Are Changing the Way We Grow Food!

The trend of eating local has put the control of food closer to the people. But only growing your own gives you complete control and assurance that you are eating food packed with nutrients... that is if your soil is of the best quality. As a gardener, and green thumb, I know there is so much that goes into growing food! Did you know that plants that receive lower levels of sunlight, have lower levels of Vitamin C? 

Green Thumb Technology is passionate about providing the ability for anyone to grow their own food in the comfort of your home. Our technology is your Green Thumb, so you don't need to have the time, know-how, or space to grow your own food!

We use organic nutrients, all the same essential nutrients & minerals found in the best organic soil. LED grow lights provide the optimal sunlight spectrum for growth all year-round. Cherry Tomatoes in January anyone? YES please!

And when we say anyone, we mean it! We have worked so hard to keep the cost/unit as low as possible, and we have begun our commitment of donating VeggieWalls. Our goal is to make a profit from those who can afford to buy, so we can donate VeggieWalls to individuals, families, and even entire communities that cannot afford it! Imagine a Food Bank Wall covered in fresh, organic food. Rather than taking home processed, canned goods, people can nourish their bodies with the best food!

We are excited about where Green Thumb Technology is going and how we can help people live healthy, happy lives by putting the best food in their bodies! 

-Jen & Matt

Jen & new seedlings - Library Books & Veggies Together! Nourish Body & Mind. Mamquam Elementary School, Squamish BC. November 2, 2015



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