It's never been easier to grow your own food!

 Vertical Nutrient Technology        

Inspired by Nature! 3 years of R&D and funding from the National Research Council of Canada helped us design the VeggieWall.  Perfect for urban dwellers, grow the most food in the smallest footprint! Up to 24 plants in 2.5 sq feet. You don't need the time, space, or know-how. Our Technology is your green thumb!


Another 1st! The VeggieWall is designed to be stacked higher & wider. 

  LED Grow Lights









 Grow all year round with full spectrum LED lights.


 Automated Support

Our Technology is your green thumb! From the 1st step to harvest, we have made growing as easy as possible. A micro-controller takes cares of your plants lighting needs and an automated watering schedule. Our wifi connectivity allows you to get the growing support you need & connect with the Green Thumb community for ideas and recipes.


Help us launch this Oct 4th 2016 on Kickstarter and be the first to own a VeggieWall!


What will you grow?

You are not only growing food, you are creating a beautiful food-tapestry on your wall. Check out these vibrant colours:

Here's what our prototype owners & ourselves have grown so far (we provide organic & heirloom seeds for varieties of plants that work well indoors)


We Simplified the Growing Process!

You don't need the time, space or know-how with Green Thumb Technology:

1. Place your seeds in the coconut grow plugs provided

2. Put the grow plug in the net pot and place recycled glass around it.

3. Insert the Net pot into the VeggieWall & Plug the VeggieWall in. The automated pump & light will take it from here!

  Seeds take 1-2 weeks to sprout. Here are 2 Red Rubin Basil seedlings.

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